Custom Wood Product Finishes

Finish panels shown are only to give an approximate representation of the color of the finish but do not reflect the type or grain of wood used in the actual product. Please refer to the item image or your local retailer for that information. Finishes ordered at different times are not guaranteed to match. Each piece of Century's fine wood furniture is finished by hand, involving many steps. Woods have grain and color variations due to growth patterns of each tree. The result is a beautiful and unique piece. Due to these wood variations, finishes on individual pieces are not guaranteed to match. On this website, we strive to provide an accurate representation of our finishes; however, due to changes in lighting, monitors, limitations of photography, and actual wood used for product - color variation from the actual finish sample is possible. Not all finishes are available on every item.

The icon when present indicates this finish is available with our Hand Waxing Option.
Hand Waxing brings out the luster in fine wood finishes. A skilled artisan applies a special formulation of wax and rubs it to a high sheen. The formula, which contains beeswax and carnauba, produces a long-lasting shine which brings out the depth of complex multi-step finishes.

The icon when present indicates this finish is available with our Leafing and Dry Brushing Options.
Leafing - Thin foil sheets of silver or gold leaf are applied by hand to accent design details such as carvings and mouldings. They are worn through and burnished to a fine patina to simulate aging.
Dry Brushing - A gold or silver paint is made by combining a mixture of gold or silver powder to a clear glaze or gloss lacquer. The brush is dipped in the mixture, then is brushed on an absorbent surface until it is nearly dry. Only then is it applied to furniture. As a result, it is more subtle than leafing.

Finish Sheens (indicated under finish name for applicable finishes)
The sheen level of a finish refers to the degree of 'shine' that appears on a piece of furniture. Each finish has a pre-determine standard sheen level. The varying degrees of sheen are Low (5,10), Medium (20,30), and High (50,70). For some finishes the top of an item is rubbed by hand or machine to reach an even higher degree of shine.

Sheen Levels Include:
Low Sheen
Medium Sheen
*High Sheen

* A high sheen finish is not recommended on heavily distressed items.

Tops of items finished in High Sheen finishes are more easily scratched than tops finished in lower sheen finishes

* Cerused Finishes
are recommended only on oak or ash due to application on wood grain.