Century's Custom Workshop

Century Furniture - Custom Workshop | Our Artisans. Your Ideas.

Because nearly everything we manufacture is made to order in our facilities in North Carolina, we have the ability to alter most items to your custom specifications. We will attempt most any custom change that you can imagine and all we need to quote your work of art is a sketch with dimensions.

"If you can dream it and draw it we can probably build it."

Common Customization Requests:


  • Change dimensions to make larger/smaller, taller/shorter, wider/more narrow
  • Change veneer species
  • Change hardware
  • Make custom dining or conference tables to nearly any length
  • Leave out trays/drawers
  • Add closet rod
  • Dining top from one collection with base from another
  • No distressing
  • No hand planing
  • Wood top substitution for marble
  • Clear glass or plain mirror
  • Add/Remove Upholstery
  • Wood substitution for metal
  • Match any color or finish
  • Gold leaf and dry-brushing


  • Changing width & depth
  • Changing height
  • Omit tufting
  • Custom cushion configuration
  • Eliminating skirts and adding upholstered base
  • Eliminating skirts and adding exposed leg
  • Adding buttons to tight back styles
  • Changing T-cushion arm styles to "straight" cushion
  • Changing "straight" cushion styles to T-cushion
  • Changing loose seat cushion styles to tight seat
  • Changing tight seat cushion styles to loose seat cushion
  • Gold leaf and dry-brushing

How to start a custom project:

  1. Contact your Century Furniture representative
  2. Be specific about changes such as:
    • Finishes or finish combinations
    • Veneer Species
    • Dimensions
    • Details, details, details...we love sketches!
  3. Your Century representative will contact our Custom Department, which will contact you with any additional questions required to complete a time and cost estimate.
  4. We will develop an estimate at no charge. You have the option to request a sketch for approval, for a small fee. If a full scale detail is requested, an additional charge may be required.
  5. Your Century representative will contact you with cost, additional time and the next steps.