Century Furniture and the Environment

Century Furniture strives to achieve the status of “The Best” furniture company in the world.

Our environmental policy is a key element of our corporate philosophy. Since our beginnings in 1947, it has been our culture to be socially responsible with the safety and health of our associates, our business partners, our customers and our natural environment. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through intelligent design, conservation, and recycling.

We believe the best way to conserve environmental resources is to design and manufacture furniture of such impeccable quality that it will last for generations. Nothing is more wasteful than disposable furniture.

The vast majority of our furniture is manufactured in Hickory, NC from predominantly domestic materials. Very high energy costs are involved in the transportation of furniture and raw materials. When items are produced locally, the environmental footprint is much smaller.

We strive to meet or exceed all regulatory or industry standards in terms of safety and potential emissions to the environment. No resource is more important than the health of our associates. We set and continually review objectives and targets to protect our global environment. We seek not only to comply with safety and environmental regulations, but also to implement in-house standards to continuously improve our environmental performance and reduce our environmental footprint.

We believe in renewable energy. We will continue our efforts to reduce energy use by combusting scrap wood and sawdust to generate power for our manufacturing facilities.

We believe that recycling is critical to pollution prevention: Computers, ink cartridges, batteries, paper, cotton, fabric & leather scraps, cardboard, pallets, fluorescent bulbs, cans, glass and bottles, etc. Because each employee owns a stake in our company, he or she is empowered and motivated to recycle whenever possible and systems are in place to maximize our recycling efforts.