Thomas O'Brien - Upholstery

AE-11-1068 - Fox Tuxedo Chair

W: 35 in D: 36 in H: 35 in
"This is a completely new, invented form that combines ideas from midcentury Scandinavian leather slingback sofa with the type of high-sided, classic-modern Tuxedo profile in upholstery that I've always liked. The chair is designed as a deep, enveloping, truly clubby shape that you can sink into, that's very masculine and tightly tailored." -Thomas O'Brien

Product Details

Material Walnut
Throw Pillows (1) 22 x 22
Weight 111 lb
Volume 35 cft
COM 9.50 yrd
COL 162 sq. ft.
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AE-11-1068 - Fox Tuxedo Chair
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