LTD7600 Cornerstone Sofa

LTD7600-W - Cornerstone Wedge Sofa

Star Notation

Century has added a star reference system as a way to quickly understand the relative value of each item. Five stars represents Century's highest specification of construction and design, in many cases a hardwood frame and the most labor intense upholstering process of four-way flow matching of fabric, while three stars represents our starting value construction, an engineered, ply-hardwood frame and front to back flow matching of fabric. Of course, all of our pieces are masterfully upholstered and finished and come with the same promise of superior craftsmanship, quality and comfort.
W: 119 in - 129 in D: 51 in - 56 in H: 38 in

Product Details

Material Select Hardwoods
Throw Pillows (2) 22 x 22
Weight 281 lb
Volume 173 cft
COM 31.50 yrd
COL 510 sq. ft.
Design Your Own

155 Degree Angle




Contract GS-28F-012AA
  • SIN#: 71 204
  • SIN#: 71 206
  • SIN#: 711 16


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