Thomas O'Brien

AEA-750 - Courtyard Table

W: 52 in D: 38 in H: 36 in
"This is a signature piece for the collection that began with an image of a gorgeous, fine, authentically ancient Greek antique bronze table standing on the marble floor of an English stable room: I loved and saved the idea for years. The form is impressive, with legs made of a series of highly sculpted, stacked discs, squares, and recessed profiles. There is a timeless quality to this piece, which we have made as a grand center table in a warm brass with a marble top." -Thomas O'Brien

Product Details

Material Marble top
Metal base
Weight 464 lb
Volume 58 cft

Dark Emperador marble
Light Antique Brass finished solid Brass base
**Please note that marble is a natural stone and as such there will be unique variations in color. Each piece has its own distinctive beauty**




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